The Encyclopedia of World Religions - Hard cover

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Combining accurate and concise information with elements of storytelling and discovery, this one-stop guide to the world’s most prominent religions is the perfect resource for young, inquiring minds. The fundamental beliefs and tenets of all Ibrahamic, Eastern, East Asian, and modern religions—including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, and the Baha'i faith—are addressed in full, and details of the religions’ stories, prayers, and people are also included. Lavishly illustrated and entirely unbiased in content, this is an engaging look at religions past and present.

Author David Self
Translator Martha Pharaown
Editor Mohamed H. A. Ghoneam
ISBN 987-977-384-209-3
Language Arabic (transition)
Original Language English
Number Of Pages 130 pages
Format Hardcover
Publisher Maktabt Dar Elkalema Publishing House
Publish Date 2011
Product Dimensions 26.2×22×1.5
Weight 824 gm


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The Encyclopedia of  World Religions - Hard cover

The Encyclopedia of World Religions - Hard cover

"This book has won a firm fan. Ideal for teachers as well as students . . . In an increasingly multicultural world, this is an essential book for anyone wanting to know about religion. Loads of pictures and photos make this easily the best book of its kind."  —Jon Hancock, children's book buyer for Borders UK

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