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Education and Peace

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Education, peace and children. ....During the 1930’s as war clouds gathered over Europe Maria Montessori became profoundly concerned with the question of peace. The problem of war caused her to engage in a passionate search for new human truths. Her starting point , as always : the child must be our teacher. Then she studied the problems of human and the social development and began a crusade in the name of education: ”Establishing a lasting peace is the work of education. What all politics should do is:' keep us out of war'.  Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophy of peace has a special value, which has even today in our constantly changing and unstable world a place.

Author Maria Montessori
Translator Dr. salwa gedo
ISBN 978-977-384-265-3
Language Arabic (transition)
Original Language Italian
Number Of Pages 134 Pages
Series maria montessori: Complete Works
Format Paperback
Publisher Maktabt Dar Elkalema Publishing House
Publish Date 3/10/2003
Product Dimensions 0.7x12.5x20
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Education and Peace

Education and Peace

Maria Montessori tireless efforts to open new paths in education were as irresistible as a force of nature. Opening a Children's House, continuing following the psychological manifestations of the children, who evidently had been oppressed in their homes, opened new insights, which were breaking news for the world.

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