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Child, Society and the World: Unpublished Speeches

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Montessori was well in advance of her time in recognizing the dangers of the traditional way of teaching. Experience and discovery should be the foundation of learning. Freedom and order, normalization of the child that will build the future society.

More, the teaching of peace, environmental awareness and universal responsibility lie at the heart of Montessori’s cosmic education.

Author Maria Montessori
Translator Khaled Deuek
Editor Liza Van DerLinde
ISBN 978-977-384-343-0
Language Arabic (transition)
Original Language English
Number Of Pages 196 pages
Series maria montessori: Complete Works
Format Paperback
Publisher Maktabt Dar Elkalema Publishing House
Publish Date 6/11/2014
Product Dimensions 20*13*0.2
Weight 216 gm


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Child, Society and the World: Unpublished Speeches

Child, Society and the World: Unpublished Speeches

This collection of speeches and lectures by Dr. Montessori provides the reader with a vivid and accurate understanding of the theories and working methods of the most important educationalist of the 20th century.

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