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What you should know about your Child

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Knowledge of childhood is the foundation of the scientific education of Maria Montessori. It is built on the discovered laws of the development of the body and mind of the child.Education is an aid to life. It is the protection of life.  It is a help to life according to its own laws of development. This book is a primer in its kind! Easy to read and still full of the knowledge of Maria Montessori!

Author Maria Montessori
Translator Nekles Neseim
ISBN 978-977-384-363-6
Language Arabic (transition)
Original Language English
Number Of Pages 182 pages
Series maria montessori: Complete Works
Format Paperback
Publisher Maktabt Dar Elkalema Publishing House
Publish Date 2015
Product Dimensions 19.4×12.4×1
Weight 196 gm


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What you should know about your Child

What you should know about your Child

The Montessori Method is scientific education based on a sound knowledge of childhood. In this volume, Dr. Maria Montessori examines the physical and mental development of the child in its early years and discusses what she considers to be the basic truths underlying the child's nature, growth and development.

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