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Spiritual transformation
f. leron shults and steven j. sandage

Transforming Spirituality: Integrating Theology and Psychology


In this collaborative work the authors closely explore the growing academic and cultural interest in spirituality and spiritual transformation. They argue that "we are witnessing a new horizon of converging interest in the intersections between science, religion, and spirituality." Organized in three parts--transforming spirituality in psychology, transforming spirituality in theology, and modeling spiritual transformation--Transforming Spirituality fills a void in the current literature. In turn, its nine chapters discuss spirituality in relation to health, human development, the biblical tradition, philosophy, and the natural sciences. 


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"We are spiritual beings attempting to become mature, healthy, and whole human beings. Why is this so difficult and how do both theology and psychology assist us in this process? Shults and Sandage provide the answer by integrating reforming theology with transforming spirituality in a stunning interdisciplinary project that will immediately become the lodestar for a whole new generation of integrative studies. We have already seen the turn to relationality in philosophical anthropology as well as in interpersonal psychology. We are relational beings created in the divine image. Taking seriously the darker side of human spirituality as the sin that isolates and alienates us from the grace of divine presence and healthy human relationships, the authors describe and demonstrate a transforming spirituality that is biblically sound and therapeutically effective. Hurting humanity, wounded in spirit, needs pastors, counselors, and therapists who are equipped to understand the deep spiritual dimensions of that hurt and to become agents of transformation, change, and growth. This is the book that I should have read twenty years ago and should have had my students who were preparing to be pastors and therapists read. Here it is. Read it!"--Ray S. Anderson, formerly senior professor of theology and ministry, Fuller Theological Seminary

"Transforming Spirituality takes the recent discussion of spirituality to an entirely new level. Theological depth and interdisciplinary sophistication combine in a book deeply committed to the church. An outstanding contribution."--Richard R. Osmer, Thomas W. Synnott Professor of Christian Education, Princeton Theological Seminary

"Persons who work across the disciplines of theology and the social sciences will find this book crucial to their own research, teaching, and writing. Those who do not will find themselves challenged to venture out for a new view. This is what theology can look like when it does not lose its own way and when it is enlivened and deepened with insights from the social sciences!"--Janet Ramsey, professor emeritus of pastoral theology and ministry, Luther Seminary

"I've never seen a book quite like this. It brings together careful scholarship, theological sophistication, and a familiarity with the suffering and setbacks of real people in real relationships. Each time I turned the page, I found something new and surprising to catch my attention. Shults and Sandage do no less than provide a vision of how the integrative enterprise would be different if psychology and theology were fundamentally relational in nature. Theoretically rigorous and immensely practical. This is a book for grown-ups. Highly recommended."--Michael E. McCullough, professor of psychology, University of Miami

"As I consider what I've read over my professional career, I cannot contemplate a more important and transformative book. Its depth, expanse, and engagement with subjects as diverse as Orthodoxy, Reformed theology, apophatic mysticism, psychodynamic interpersonal depth psychologies, sex therapy, quantum physics, and the sorrow, desire, and joy of being human are a breathtaking glory of imagination. This is the gift of two passionate authors, whose labor is really a doxology, an encounter with the Spirit, that will animate wonder and prompt countless conversations. We may finally have the starting point for articulating a truly believing, postmodern spirituality."--Dan B. Allender, profssor of counseling, The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology; author, The Wounded HeartTo Be Told, and Leading with a Limp

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f. leron shults and steven j. sandage
Edward Abdelmasseih ghopreal
Mohamed H. Ghoneam
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Arabic (Translated)
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عرفان بالجميل                                                        

1. المقدمة                                                                         


التحوّل (التغيير الجذري)                                            

العلائقية وتعددية التخصصات                                       

الطرق الكلاسيكية وديناميات التشديد                        

بوتقة التحوّل الروحي                                              

القسم 1: التحوّل الروحي في علم اللاهوت                                 

         إف. ليرون شولتس

2. الإصلاح البنيوماتولوجي                                             

الدعوة للإصلاح البنيوماتولوجي                                    

مفاهيم مبكرة عن الروح                                             

المصادر التقليدية لإعادة البناء                                       

الروحانية، والعلائقية، وتكثيف الحياة المخلوقة                             

السعي في طلب الحق، والصلاح، والجمال                         

3. أن تصير حكيمًا                                                                 

التوق إلى الحكمة في الكتاب المُقدّس                                

الروحانية والحق في التقليد المسيحي                                

بصائر من الفلسفة وعلوم الطبيعة                                   

المعرفة في الروح                                                   

المشاركة في معرفة يسوع المسيح                                  

تكثيف الإيمان                                                

الصلاة المغًّيرة                                                       

4. أن تصير عادلًا

التوق إلى العدالة في الكتاب المُقدّس                                 

الروحانية والصلاح في التقليد المسيحي                             

بصائر من الفلسفة وعلوم الطبيعة                                   

السلوك في الروح                                                    

المشاركة في الآم يسوع المسيح                                     

تكثيف المحبة                                                 

الخدمة المغًّيرة                                               

5. أن تصير حُرًّا                                                

التوق للحرية في الكتاب المُقدّس                                     

الروحانية والجمال في التقليد المسيحي                                      

بصائر من الفلسفة وعلوم الطبيعة                                   

أن تكون في الروح                                          

المشاركة في مجد يسوع المسيح                                     

تكثيف الرجاء                                                

الكرم المغير                                                            

الجزء 2  التحوّل الروحي في علم النفس                                                     ستيفن جى. سانداج

6. الروحانية والتطور الإنساني                                         

تعريف الروحانية والدين                                             


الروحانية العلائقية

السياقات المقدسة للتطور                                            

الفروق الفردية في الروحانية                                        

الإرتباط  والتمييز (المفاضلة)                                               

السكنى والسعي                                                       

7. الروحانية والصحة                                                   

الإثارة الروحية والتهدئة                                             

تعريف الصحة والعافية                                              

التعافي والنضج                                                      

السعادة الروحية                                                      

البحث العلمي عن الدين والروحانية والصحة                       

الحكمة والصحة                                                            

الروحانية المؤدية للصحة                                            

مخاطر الصحة الروحية                                             


8. الروحانية والظلام                                                    

أنواع الظلام الروحي                                        

نموذج للروحانية العلائقية                                           

صراعات الروحانية العلائقية                                       

البَحْث الروحي وحيز عتبة الشعور                                  

أسلوب النفي                                                  

الأوعية المظلمة للتحوّل الروحي                                    


9. الروحانية والنضج                                                     

أعلان ميخا عن الروحانية العلائقية                                 

السعادة الروحية والنضج الروحي                                   

نماذج سيكولوجية للنضج التنموي                                   

مفاهيم كتابية عن النضج الروحي                                   

سيكولوجية النضوج الروحي والفضيلة                              

الحكمة الجدلية والروحانية العلائقية                                 

النضوج الروحي للإرتباط المتميز                                   


الجزء 3  نماذج للتحول الروحي                                              

                   إف. ليرون شولتس وستيفن جى. سانداج

10. التحوّل الروحي في السياق                                          

   جوان: التحوّل الروحي في السجن                                

   تفسير الحالة                                                       

   استكشافات انضباطية تعددية التخصصات                               

   رينيه وسيد: التحوّل الروحي في الزواج                         

   تفسير الحالة                                                       

   استكشافات انضباطية تعددية التخصصات                               

  تيم- التحوّل الروحي في العائلات                                        

   تفسير الحالة                                                       

  استكشافات انضباطية تعددية التخصصات