English! It’s Fun: Activity Book 2
Judith M. Stern, MA & Uzi Ben-Ami

English! It’s Fun: Activity Book 2


This second activity book in the series English It's Fun! is for children of 4 years and older.

The activities vary from coloring and matching, to sorting, cutting pictures and playing the game to writing letters. The activity book is supportive to learn English as a second language.

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This activity book is guided by the teacher's guide 2, which describes each lesson in details. Always be encouraging to the children. Since the child learns a second language, which he is not familiar with, he needs to hear the word many times before he will start speaking.  He might be shy to say a word or a sentence and still understand a lot. So do not worry  if a child doesn’t talk over the first months. Singing songs is part of learning a language, even a very important part especially when it is a song with actions.  Smile and praise the child, whatever the outcome of the lesson is.

Guidelines  for teaching  English as a second language to young children - see the teacher's guide.

Simple Overview of the Program

The program contains twelve  units:

1. My body

2. My classroom

3. My playroom

4. My family

5. Animals around the house

6. My favorite food

7. My cloths

8. At my home

9. Nature around us

10. At the Zoo

11. My fruit

12. My beach


Singing is fun! Children love it and learn a lot by doing it, especially when they also practice actions while singing ( or listening to the song) Even though that the teachers guide contains songs for each unit, it is advisable that the teacher looks for more songs on the youtube channel on the internet.

Search with google for: toddlers easy songs my body ( the theme you want to song to be about).It will lead you to many other websites, which have funny children songs like

www. love2learn.com 

www.  bussongs.com   

Download the songs on your computer and use them during your lesson and at other moments.This is a cheap and easy way to find regularly new- up- to- date  songs for the children.There are many easy songs, which will help the children to learn the language faster. Also the teacher can encourage the families  to listen to these songs to reinforce learning English at home.

Craft time

Each fourth lesson of each week  is a craft lesson. Even-though the teacher can follow the idea written in the lesson she  also can  look for a craft which is slightly different but serves the same aim .  Look on the internet and search on google or another search engine:

- images - toddlers craft ideas 

- images - preschool  craft ideas

Then add one of the following words according to the technique and materials you want to use::toilet roles, paper plates, finger puppet, tearing paper, folding, paining, fabrics scraps, matchbox, stick, paper. Always care that the craft, which you choose to be done by the children, is on such a level that all children can work with it independently!

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